Ein Überblick über aktuell laufende Arbeiten in der Abteilung Evolutionäre Ökologie


Ingham C.: Effect of host defenses on symbiont adaptations and genome erosion in a protective mutualism

Ganesan Ramya: Molecular basis of host-symbiont interactions in the defensive symbiosis between Lagria beetles and Burkholderia bacteria

Janke R.: Molting defense and the ecological relevance of symbiont-mediated defense in Lagrinae beetles

Kanyile S. N.: The impact of tyrosine-supplementing symbionts on desiccation resistance, defence, gut homeostasis and immunity in grain pest beetles

Kiefer J.: Molecular host-symbiont interactions in grain pest beetles

Lemoine M.: Impact of the microbiome on the viable temperature range of Drosophila

Simao de Pinto Carvalho, Ana: Evolution of gene regulation in the Donaciinae symbiosis

Wierz, J.: Tyrosine supplementing symbionts in selected Coleoptera: Representative Genomes, taxonomic distribution, mechanisms of host regulation and chemical quantification of contribution to cuticle biosynthesis

Diplom- und Master - Arbeiten

Mibes, Alexandra: Targeted mutation of candidate genes involved in the establishment of Burkholderia symbionts in Lagria villosa beetles

Nick, Alina: Diversity and function of yeast symbionts in Anobiid pest beetles

Scharmann, Philipp:Evolution of secondary metabolism in the beewolf symbionts

Unruh, Sebastian: Symbiosen in Rüsselkäfern

Vogler, Paul: Effekt der Abwehrmechanismen des Wirtes auf die Symbiontenentwicklung in einer Verteidigungssymbiose

Bachelor - Arbeiten

Frauenderka, Selina: Characterization and impact of gut bacteria on cold tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster

Milz, Tim: Production of antibiotics from beewolf symbionts as a reaction to different fungal antagonists

Moog, Safira:

Wenz, Christian: Vergleichende biogeographische Analyse der "Life histories" von Papageien (Psittacoformes)